Spruce & Norton was founded as a lifestyle investment, strategy & design company.


We support businesses that fit our lifestyle and passion, because life is too short to focus your time anywhere else...I am sure you agree. 


We can work with you to finance your company's next phase of growth, plan business, model finance or design your brand...and everything in between. In this regard we call ourselves a "MID" or Modern Investment Development company, and we're inspired to steward the changing of the guard. 


 Our passion is your passion, we get excited about individuals and entrepreneurs who are so caught up in their love for work that we can't help but get excited too.


We care deeply about the hardworking individuals who are steeped in their craft or business, who want nothing more than to see it succeed and persist, so future generations can experience their work and respect it, as we have been so lucky to.


Our philosophy is to work with business owners who can contribute to the sustenance of this ideal, through their craft, style and unique product or idea. This passion is found in many industries, although for us it leans towards craft beer, cider, spirits, food and other consumer businesses built from the heart. There is no one to tell you what you can or can't build, our job is to support that vision and provide the guidance necessary to achieve. 


To give you a bit of back story, the name Spruce & Norton comes from the intersection where I spent much of my time growing up, becoming a man, right along the coast of southern Maine. The places we come from, shape who we eventually become, in ways it's hard to understand until you reflect deeply.


In conclusion, we want to stay true to who we are and allow     Spruce & Norton to be an extension of our core ideals, interests and philosophies, by way of supporting the people, craftsmen and creators who bring truth and passion to our lives.


We truly look forward to hearing from you -


Ian Knowles


Spruce & Norton




$8-$100M Revenue 

$0-$20M EBITDA 

Investment Size: $5,000,000-$100,000,000


  • Strong Core Team

  • Attractive Gross Margins

  • Clear Path to Profitability

  • Distinguished Product or Service

  • Industry Trend Support


  • A dominant or potentially dominant position in a growing industry

  • Strong brand equity and platform for brand development/growth

  • Strong product line, dedicated customer base

  • Opportunities for operational development and enhancement

  • Potential for adjacent industry acquisitions

  • Sound management team with recipe for success



Ian Knowles

Managing Partner

Don Bryant

Operating Partner

Lars Mudrak

Senior Analyst

Brooke Cline